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“It’s been a great honor to be in the Superman family. I’m a part of a legacy that brings smiles to people of all ages, which is pretty cool. And yes, people do ask Superman questions and probably will for years to come. That’s part of the job and I’m happy to continue representing the Man of Steel in some small way, even if it isn’t on screen.”


Ok…this breaks my heart.

Let me be clear on something:  I love Henry Cavill.  I think that if they had to recast this franchise (and I do think they probably had to if they were truly planning to start over again) then I don’t think they could have chosen anyone better to be play Clark than Henry.   I’ve been a fan of his for years from The Tudors.  I think he’s a gorgeous man and a great actor.   I’m really looking forward to seeing him play Superman and put his own stamp on the character.

BUT….Brandon Routh did NOTHING WRONG.   He had the crappy bad luck of being in a movie that while beautiful on some levels also had some serious flaws in the script.  Contrary to what is now popular to state, his movie DID NOT FLOP.  It had actually made a fair amount of money at the box office and he was not to blame for the problems with the film.  He also, unfortunately, didn’t have the good fortune to play opposite an actress who was a very good fit either in age or skill to play Lois Lane which also reflected on him in a way that probably was unfair.  

But I legitimately don’t think Brandon Routh did a thing wrong in that movie.  He did a fine and beautiful job with the material he was given.

More than anything, it breaks my heart because Brandon is a boy from Iowa (I will forgive him for being a Hawkeye fan) who legitimately and truly loved Superman and everything he stood for.   He has been nothing but a kind, sweet gentleman from the minute he was cast in the role.  I continue to adore him every time I hear him speak or see him out in public.  He’s just a sweet, sweet man.

I still love Brandon Routh.  I am so happy for Henry Cavill and I truly love Henry a great deal.   But Brandon got a raw deal. :(

In the meantime, I wish him and his beautiful wife incredible joy and happiness with the upcoming birth of their first child. 

Reblogging again for the wonderful statement on Brandon’s run. I really have no real interest in Man of Steel, but I wish Henry and Amy the best of luck with it. However, it’s a crime that Brandon’s performance keeps getting shafted by fandom at times and Warner/DC at large.

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    Reblogging again for the wonderful statement on Brandon’s run. I really have no real interest in Man of Steel, but I...
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    Ok…this breaks my heart. Let me be clear on something: I love Henry Cavill. I think that if they had to recast this...
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